English Discussion Club for BEGINNERS!

English Discussion Club
Canada College Vancouver

Program Introduction:
- English Discussion Club is designed for beginners who are interested in expressing opinions and ideas in a less pressure environment. Classes will focus on discussions, speaking accuracy, building confidence, and brainstorming.

Program Schedule:
- Every Tuesdays and Thursdays (July 11 July 27)
- 120 minutes/session
- Time: 2:30pm 4:30pm

Participation Fee:
- $10 per session (Snacks and Drinks Included)
- $60 -> $50 (if registered for 6 sessions in advance)

How to Enroll:
1. Open Registration at Canada College Vancouver
2. Bring one piece of government issued ID
3. Pay the tuition fee before the first class
4. Take a simple English Assessment Test
*Please call / email us before coming to register for English Discussion Club

Contact Us:
Address: 909 Burrard St, Vancouver BC V6Z 2N2 (3rd Floor)
(Just across the street from ScotiaBank Movie Theatre)

Email: admission@ccveducation.com
Phone: (604) 620-8088
(604) 620-8088

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