Buzzy Bee Solutions (Residential)

We are the first full property service solutions provider for all aspects of entering and exiting a residential or commercial space!


Let's go over a scenario, let's say you are a business or a home owner (maybe both)
1) We will remove your junk
2) Then we will pack your contents
3) It will then be moved
4) We can put it in our private storage
5) Exit clean your old space
6) Entry clean your new space
7) If you're a developing a building or constructing a new house then we will do post construction cleaning.
We offer a package deal for choosing 3 or more of our services.

Our employees have been in the business of the services we provide for more years than we can keep track of.

We are a company made of people who have moved more times than anyone should in a life time. It can be very stressful, having to contact all these different companies and contractors to find the best price or to get service by a certain time, so we decided, why not create a company that offers everything? That way people can get a package deal as well. No sweat, no worries, we cover 100% of the moving aspect. Junk removal, packing, moving, cleaning, private storage and peace of mind. No more worrying about when the moving company will come, or the cleaning people will come, or any of that walking around the house with your phone glued to the side of your head talking to a bunch of different companies. You call or email us, you get 1 quote for all the services you require, you set a date and all the services will be provided.

We call it "move-to-move"

Contact us at: 604 - 862 - 5890
Email us at:
(604) 862-5890

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