Looking for an affordable professional trainer, who is dedicated to getting you fast results? Look no further!

I have an educational background in Kinesiology/Physical Education from a Canadian University. Compared to your regular 'certified personal trainer', I have more education and expertise in exercise science :). I have 6 years plus personal experience in the health & fitness industry, and I've also taught a health science laboratory at a university level. Additionally, I designed a Physical Education Curriculum for B.C elementary/ high school students. A lot of my work has included doing private consulting as a nutritionist.
I have an affordable hourly rate, and that also includes a free consultation session to talk about your fitness/health/nutrition goals, as well as regular statistic tracking and creation of meal plans, if necessary.

I would love to hear more about you and how I can work alongside you to achieve your goals.
(778) 867-8494

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